The Beat of Rio: a Film by Tim Hahne

Summer in Rio de Janeiro is a magical time for cariocas (those born there). Days are filled with the relaxed beat of life spent on and near the beach. An awesome 5-minute film by German director Tim Hahne captures the beauty of Rio at the height of its hottest, and most treasured, season.

Hahne was in Brazil with his film production agency, Stereoscreen, to follow the Brazilian racing star, Augusto Farfus. When not on assignment, the filmmaker spent a week in Rio de Janiero — his talented eye savoring the sights of summer: surfers, swimmers, and the spectacular city itself.

“Cariocas don´t like cloudy days” insists an old song by Adriana Calcanhotto. And this film will show you why. Rio pulses with energy when the sun shines. Yes, it rains plenty in summer, but cariocas are more likely to complain about the stifling heat than the occasional deluge.


The best home movie of Rio ever made

Though we see typical tourist spots like the Christ the Redeemer statue, Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain), and the white arches of Lapa, the camera lingers most on the neighboring beaches of Ipanema and Leblon. From the jutting rock of Arpoador to the enigmatic twin peaks of Dois Irmãos, cariocas from all walks of life are equated here by their worship of the surf and sun.

The short film, made this past January, is the second in a series of casual travelogues by Hahne and his collaborators, cameraman Thomas Nösner and sound designer Toussaint. Two years ago, the trio made The Beat of New York in a similar manner (downtime while on the road). Both films are anchored by ambient sounds from the shoot that are composed into an evocative score.


Photos by Tim Hahne. All rights reserved.

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Fredrick Haugen

Fredrick Haugen

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