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Dia do Trabalho: International Workers’ Day in Brazil

May 1st is Dia do Trabalho (Labor Day) in Brazil. In the 1940s, under President Vargas, the holiday became linked to new labor protections and benefits.

Dia de Tiradentes: a Martyr for National Independence

Dia de Tiradentes is a national holiday honoring a hero of Brazil’s struggle for independence. But who was the real man, and how is he remembered today?

Dia do Índio: A Day of Honor and Indigenous Pride

Dia do Índio celebrates the indigenous people of Brazil and their many contributions to the nation’s culture. It’s a day for reflection and activism.

Lollapalooza Brasil 2013 Invades São Paulo, March 29–31st

The iconic music festival returns to SP’s historic Jockey Club. Pearl Jam, the titan of grunge rock, headlines the three-day event with over 60 acts.