Journey to the Amazon with Brazilian Birds Radio

Unfortunately, most of us are pretty far removed from the serenity of nature. For city dwellers, our day to day existence is bounded by a latticework of paved roads and sidewalks set amongst canyons of concrete, glass, and steel. What if a peaceful respite — like the beautiful song of birds from the Amazon rainforest — was as close as the computer?

Brazilian Birds Radio is exactly what the name implies: an internet radio station that streams the natural sounds of birds — nothing more. A work of zen-like simplicity; it’s a calm refuge from the oppressive din of the modern cityscape.

I spend a ton of time with headphones plugged into my laptop — working on projects in various locales. As such, I gravitate toward musical genres like ambient and chill-out that don’t crowd my mind with lyrics. Bird calls from the Amazon fits right into to that groove; it’s an aural texture that’s immersive but unimposing. A new type of chill.


Chill out to birds from the Amazon

The station was created by Som S/A — a new media company, based in São Paulo, that produces customized webradio and podcasts for its clients. São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere, and notorious for its sprawl and congestion. It seems as if the folks at Som S/A were actually addressing their own need for a quiet place within the urban chaos. In their words:

Amid the different shades of gray, all the time we seek a vibrant and colorful refuge for our minds and souls. Brazilian Birds was born to strengthen the bond between man and Mother Nature.

So pop on your headphones… lean forward and work, or sit back and relax. Either way, you’ll find that a little aural taste of the Amazon nourishes the soul.

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Fredrick Haugen

Fredrick Haugen

Fredrick is the founder and editor of Brazigzag, an inside guide to the diverse and enchanting culture of Brazil. A writer and artist, he also teaches yoga. Follow him: @fredrickhaugen

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